Exhibition Łódź



This year’s show marks the 8th edition of the Fair and it will focus on ‘Fashion is Business’. The event will be dedicated to an exclusive circle of 30 most carefully selected exhibitors who offer products characterised by supreme quality and original design. It constitutes an unmissable appointment for all industry professionals.
Among the exhibitors there are Vito Vergilis Moda Wrocław, Dom Mody Skórska, Modesta, Kędziorek, Dagnez, Tok, Francoise Studio Mody, Denbrand (Danish plus size brands), Sun of Gaba, Aurex (headwear), Ankar, Larobe, Semper, Con Duo, Metafora, Aldona, Virginia Blue, Maxima, Senso (women’s fashion), Kumi, Menbur (accessories), Far Far, Bariss, Beaumont, Saopaulo, Ze-Ze Concept, Zhenzi, Special One.

Welcome: Akademia Sztuk Pięknych, 121 Wojska Polskiego Street, Łódź

Learn more: fashionweare.com/b2b/event/id/7
To register, click here: fashionweare.com/b2b/event/id/7

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