Our brand

POTIS & VERSO is a Polish high fashion brand founded over 20 years ago. We never compromise in style and quality. We embody the craftsmanship in its noble and accomplished form. Meticulous finishing, elegant accessories and exquisite fabrics are achieved through the work of our designers’ team who combine classic elegance with newest fashion trends in a unique and remarkable style.

Our mission

Our company is a modern and dynamic team aimed at achieving goals and continuous development.

Our mission is to create the image of a modern woman, that is why we create collections with a big passion and dedication. Our biggest value is the staff, at the same time modern equipment and latest technology make it possible to create a product of higher quality. In term of business relationships with our partners we guarantee professionalism, integrity and financial stability.


The main philosophy of POTIS & VERSO brand is to create an unique, feminine style for ladies who appreciate the classics with a touch of modernity.


Our team of professionals is constantly looking for new technological solutions and permanently following the newest trends in colors and fabrics.


We always pay a big attention to quality of production performance and nobility of fabrics we used for our collections. These are natural fabrics like silk, new kinds of wool and various types of leather. We cooperate with the best international manufacturers from France, Italy, Japan and Germany.

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