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Play a video and get to know us better


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At Potis and Verso, we rely on our long-established experience in the fashion industry: having entered the Polish market in 1997, we have since forged good relationships with local businesses. All these factors contribute to our successful performance and ultimately, the highest standards of our garments.


High quality materials is what we trust. Our collections feature supreme quality fabrics which are valued for their versatile character and practicality.

Keeping up with the world

Our Staff is made up from professional and creative people who are constantly on the lookout for fresh ideas, be it artistic inspirations or technical novelties. Fusing vintage feel with unconventional, state-of-the-art ideas is something they have mastered to perfection.

Made in Poland

Offering garments characterised by supreme craftsmanship, we remain aware that every project calls for multi-layered engagement. We rely on the experience and highest standards set by our skilled and valued workforce. The entire manufacturing process is located in a town nearby Warsaw.

Wide selection of sizes

As opposed to other brands, we do our best to ensure that every woman finds a piece in which she would look appealing irrespective of the size or body shape. To make it happen, we offer apparel of sizes ranging from 34 to 52.

Marketing assistance

PR and communication truly matter. Our agents assure professional assistance and will remain at your disposal. We supply advertisement materials and remain willing to share our expertise.



Our core value is to promote premium quality brands which manufacture in Poland and offer supreme quality affordable apparel. We aim to establish and maintain favourable relationships with our business Partners and make sure that our mutual cooperation is both beneficial and supportive. We appreciate individuals who follow their passions: this is the best way to succeed. It applies also to the fashion industry.

Easy and simple way to order directly at your sales manager. Contact us and get to know how we can customise our offer to your wishes.


We are happy to provide you with professional and devoted assistance in terms of customer service. Do not hesitate to contact us when seeking support in arranging your own store.


There is a possibility to return a certain amount of unspoilt items of clothing after the season expires.


We are ready to customise both deadlines and payment methods to your specific needs and preferences.


At Potis & Verso, we wish our cooperation to be clear and founded on favourable terms and conditions: you are guaranteed to have access to one of the greatest ranges of women’s apparel present in Poland.


We guarantee prompt and effective delivery. Our trump-card is best-quality merchandise at competitive prices.



Each season we hold fashion events which, alongside showcasing a new clothing collection, also provide a perfect opportunity to pursue networking activities with our Partners and serve as a platform where the fashion market can develop. There are many accompanying events, including workshops and lectures on most recent consumer trends, visual merchandising, or retail consulting.


These events are destined to our existing as well as prospective Partners. They are encouraged to take part in professional innovative workshops which provide valuable insight into fashion trends reigning in a given season.


We have a lovely concept store located in Józefów nearby Warsaw where we stage our shows around six months ahead of each season. Typically, collections are prepared for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.


During these events, our business Partners can sign up new contracts and order stock goods. Contracts for new collections are arranged well ahead of each season, that is in February and August.

Forever on-ternd and fashion savvy


Classic Сhic
Business Сasual

Potis & Verso is a leading women’s apparel brand in Poland. Our designs fuse timeless shapes with a touch of colour, perfect for the modern minimalistic, fashion-forward women who value their independent character and strong personality. Each season, we let ourselves get inspired by the latest fashion trends and artfully reflect them in our collections, trying to satisfy our Customers’ wishes. Satisfaction comes from the highest quality fabrics and superb craftsmanship of our clothing. We create out of passion and love.

The women who share our love of style


Potis & Verso responds to the needs of women who – despite their busy lifestyles, forever tight schedules and commitment to professional work – do not wish to neglect the sense of looking smart and trendy.
Undoubtedly, women have come to appreciate feeling relaxed which they do not wish to compromise – either while attending business meetings or while spending quality time amongst intimate friends. As a brand, we do aim to focus on various target groups.
A number of fashion-forward women have already trusted our brand, including Polish celebrities Justyna Steczkowska or Katarzyna Moś.

Perfection in every detail


Every clothing item is manufactured in Poland. As we offer a great selection of apparel and aim to ensure the highest quality of our products, we are obliged to attend to the whole production process with utmost care and precision. Therefore, we value working with well-qualified seamstresses who make it all come true. The first step is to have an idea. Our designers draw inspiration from the world around: a mere piece of fabric can get them inspired. An elusive idea is then committed to paper which results in sketching a style. The next step is to pass it over to our masterful seamstresses who will shape it into reality. Once a prototype is ready, further discussions take place and the final decision about the specific fabric, colour, and measurements is collectively reached. Only then do we launch the processes of production and distribution. We commit to each design fully and take care that our products are characterised by supreme craftsmanship. To achieve it, we work in close collaboration with Freudenberg and Amman, as well as with the Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design at the Technical University of Lodz. The fabrics and accessories we use are provided by the most renowned and acknowledged suppliers from around the world, including MIROGLIO TEXTILES, SET, ARGOMETI TEXTILE, GAFFORELLI, GRATACOS, ELPEY&YKK, and SWAROVSKI.


Our concept store is places which will get you inspired. This is also where you will find carefully curated selection of garments and accessories for many seasons to come.
We are conveniently located in Józefów, a picturesque nearby town.
Our Staff provide professional assistance and will be only happy to guide you through the selection of clothes which will go in line with your taste and help you express your unique personality and a sense of style. Our stylists are there to offer you quality advice on how to get most suitably dressed for a number of occasions.

ul. SIKORSKIEGO 127 B, JOZEFOW, 05-420

T. | +48 795 407 379

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