The color scheme of VIP group is connected in some way to previous line and reminds the colors of the early part of the collection but of course in more relaxed version. Here we can discover such a colors like ECRI and dark blue, they are presented in monochromatic version along with chick peas and variety of stripes. There is a beige color dominates in this group, it is combined with elegant black and fresh turquoise. In the VIP group as always we offer classic suits and dresses which we can use for office and business meetings, there are also elegant trousers with fine pattern or plain with smoothed edging. There are also several models of blouses with prints which are always perfect to wear under the jacket as well as without it. This group is dominated by combined viscose fabrics, polyester and spandex, we can say that these fabrics do not crumple and very comfortable to wear.

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