New autumn - winter 2016/17 collection is designed for the fashionable, dynamic women. It combines urban elegance with everyday stylish clothes and business dress-code. Noble knitted and woven fabrics used in the collection not only have a unique appearance, but also a nice touch, often discreet gloss. The addition of spandex makes the clothes provide a unique comfort and attractive look throughout the day. The colors of the collection is kept in the fashionable range of colors. Facial, deep pinks, reds sensual intertwine to create uneven surfaces. Very trendy gold and silver give the collection an exclusive appearance. This is complemented by mandatory black and garnet. Color depth also highlight interesting textures, flowers, acanthus and small graphic patterns. The leitmotif of the prints is dark, rich, delicious flower peony, magnolia and hydrangea. Forms dresses are very feminine, emphasizing the figure. Interesting and very feminine fashions garments accentuate the waist and neckline.

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