Group PLATINIUM offers us a wide range of fabrics and materials which inspire its elegance, there are guipure lace, chiffon, haft and many different patterns in the flower category presented. All this diversity we have integrated in several color groups, they are:
SOFT NOSTALGIA (gentle nostalgia) - this direction is based on the range of pastel colors. The delicate and subtle pastel colors are continuation of the trend from the previous season. Only one different that in season Spring-Summer 2016 the main color is a skin one with different kinds of saturations and it calls NUDE.
In a group of pink flowers the most actual color is an icy pink - ICE PINK with its hues that shimmer in the more saturated colors and create a group of pink champagne - ROSE CHAMPAGNE.
In the range of cold colors the main role plays the bright aquamarine, which is described as sea glass - SEA GLASS.
However, the most spectacular color to this season will be pale blue, its alternative is a deep saturated blue color. Pastel colors are perfectly combined with a tan and white hair, and complemented by gold jewelry create a compelling image.
The opposite to the above mentioned color scheme is a group which called the BACKYARD. It is lively shades of warm and cool colors such as green and yellow. Commercial color of this group is the color of sapphire Electric - ELECTRIC BLUE. The second color is a deep blue. The combination of dark blue with white, beige or sapphire always creates classic, actual and fashion offer. The following important colors are sharp yellow, green grass and spring green.
And certainly black and white color has its particular place in every season, they are presented in this color line by completely black and completely white, which provides us with an excellent possibility for creating a variety of styles.

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