The Ferona sweater is a reliable addition to the look of any elegant woman. It was made from high quality yarns. The addition of modal makes the sweater not only extremely comfortable, but also stable, it does not lose shape over time and does not stretch. Pearl buttons accentuate its sophisticated character. Pepeta looks elegant and fits well with classic women’s fashion, so the Ferona sweater will be the perfect addition to your outfit. Two colors – delicate yet stylish beige and white and bright black and white – allow you to choose the color of the sweater according to your own style and taste.

What to combine it with? A Ferona sweater looks great with a Ferona skirt, as well as elegant drawstring trousers and a pair of classic stiletto heels. If you love timeless elegance, pair the peplum with a pearl necklace. 

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We are the exclusive manufacturer of women’s clothing, present on the European market for over 19 years. Our partners appreciate our experience, professionalism, transparent cooperation and modern machine park. Constantly take on new challenges, we focus on rapid development and following the technological innovations that allow us to produce women’s clothing of the highest quality. We cooperate with Department of Clothing Materials Technical University of Lodz and also with the best suppliers of fabrics and accessories from Italy, Spain, Japan and Austria. The entire production cycle from design to final product takes place in Poland.

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