Elegant trousers are a mandatory element of the female wardrobe. Used in many cases, they are an integral part of your wardrobe. Ideal fit, perfectly sitting on the body and emphasizes legs. Released in two fashionable and stylish shades – brown, cold and caramel, and you can Pick color according to your preferences. Each shade is well combined with other colors, providing a stylish appearance at the right time. Pants are extremely versatile and beyond the time. You can safely wear them today, but after a few seasons you will use them.

What are they combined with? Pants can be combined with both elegant blouses and sweaters. They look exceptional in combination with Heidi jacket, which is for which they are intended.

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We are the exclusive manufacturer of women’s clothing, present on the European market for over 19 years. Our partners appreciate our experience, professionalism, transparent cooperation and modern machine park. Constantly take on new challenges, we focus on rapid development and following the technological innovations that allow us to produce women’s clothing of the highest quality. We cooperate with Department of Clothing Materials Technical University of Lodz and also with the best suppliers of fabrics and accessories from Italy, Spain, Japan and Austria. The entire production cycle from design to final product takes place in Poland.

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